About Pachuca, Hidalgo

Pachuca de Soto, founded in 1598, is the capital of Hidalgo State. Initially, 100% of the city population depended mainly off the mining industry; today however, the predominant activity in Pachuca has become trade intended. Pachuca is called "La Bella Airosa" or "The Windy Belle" given the strong wind that usually ranges speeds of 75 km/hour and above throughout most part of the year.

Some of the main attractions in Pachuca are the civil and religious structure designs such as The House of Culture (the Efren Rebolledo Cultural Forum), the Colorado House, the Cajas Reales, the Rule House, the Bancomer building, the Barreteros Market, the University, the Historical Archives, the Art School, the San Francisco Church, the Methodist Temple, Cristo Rey, the Villita and el Reloj (the Clock). El Reloj was created by the same company and made with the same machinery as Big Ben in England. It is adorned with four perfect sculptures that symbolize liberty, independence, the constitution and reform.

When it comes to Culture, this beautiful city doesn’t lack of it. Cultural attractions include: the Photography Museum, the Regional Museum, the San Juan Pachuca Mine, the Rehilete Museum, the Mining Museum and the Symphony Orchestra.

Pachuca has a well-developed hospitality infrastructure including hotels, auto rental companies, activities and an intense night life. This city is considered the birthplace of soccer in Mexico and the passion for this sport can definitely be sensed here.

Hospitality is very important in Pachuca. Enjoy the pleasant, temperate climate and harmonious atmosphere during your vacation.