Places of Interest in Pachuca, Hidalgo

Pachuca is the capital city of the state of Hidalgo, and that is why it has so many places that can be visited through organized tours that go from traditional to modern. These tours can be taken at the streetcar, walking in the city or with tourist packages sold at the hotel.

Some of the places that can be visited depending on the tour are:

  • Museums: Mining, Mineralogy, Photography, El Rehilete children's Museum and a Planetary.
  • Old buildings: Efren Rebolledo Cultural Forum, Cajas Reales, La Casa Rule, Asuncion Church, San Francisco Convent and Arts School, San Juan Pachuca Mine, former Civil Hospital, which now is the head office of the Hidalgo State University.
  • Plazas: Independencia Plaza, Constitucion Plaza, Juarez Plaza.
  • Monuments: The Monumental Clock, which is the most beautiful statue in Hidalgo.
  • Parks and gardens: De los Hombres Ilustres, Del Charro, Hidalgo, Luis Pasteur.
  • Modern buildings: The “Huracan” Miguel Hidalgo Stadium, Silver Zone: Contemporary Art Museum, Music Conservatory, Convention Center, Concert Hall, Museum of Science.